It’s essential to have a good payroll provider in place straight away.

If any business has employees they will need to run a payroll and submit RTI (real time information) returns to HMRC on or before each pay day.  Penalties are being rolled out and underpaid tax and ni will accrue interest.

Payroll is the term used to describe records and calculations for the pay and deductions of employees under the PAYE (pay as you earn) scheme.

We offer a comprehensive service and handle all aspects of payroll for our clients.  We take care of everything so that you are completely compliant with HMRC rules and regulation.


  • Weekly, monthly or ad hoc payslip production
  • RTI submissions
  • Production and processing of employees starter/leaver and year end forms P45, P46, P60 etc
  • Claiming employment allowance on your behalf (if applicable)
  • Dealing with holiday pay, SSP, SMP and student loan deductions
  • Emailing you the payslips to hand out
  • Corresponding with HMRC
  • Representation in the event of an investigation

You email us the pay information, we email you the payslips – it’s that simple for you!  No fuss.