Construction Contractors

If you are a contractor within the construction industry then you will need to submit a CIS return before the 19th of EVERY month. A CIS return lets HMRC know how much tax you have deducted from your subcontractor and therefore how much you owe them.

Penalties for late submissions are hefty!

One day late = £100

2 months late = another £200 And these are per month

Further penalties apply the longer they remain unsubmitted so it’s important to put in place arrangements to complete the returns on time. We’ve seen penalties adding up to several thousand pounds – don’t let it happen to you. If you’ve already received penalties then call us. We have had some success in appealing penalties so it’s always worth trying.


  • Adding and verifying new subcontractors
  • Processing of payment and deduction statements
  • Submission of monthly returns
  • Email reminders for information
  • Representation in the event of an investigation
  • Correspodence with HMRC
  • Unlimited help £5 per payslip (min monthly fee £12.50)

How does it work?

We’ll email you for details of how much you’ve paid each subcontractor in the month – you reply – then we do the rest. Submit your return and email you your subcontractors monthly payment summaries.