It is incredibly difficult to give an indication of cost without speaking to you as every business is different

For instance are you a whizz on Xero, have all of your transactions been input and reconciled to the penny or are you going to hand us a black bin bag of screwed up receipts at year end?

We have many levels of service..

  • Some clients are looking for the best price and therefore want to do as much themselves as possible
  • Some clients just want to hand it all over and have everything done for them

We tend to offer an 'Essentials' package for those simply looking for Statutory Compliance and a 'Done for You' service for those wanting to hand it all over.

And varying levels in between those two packages

The best way to get a price is to book  Discovery Session  as then we can ascertain the level of service that you require and price accordingly - the sessions are FREE and completely without obligation


You can find an indication of pricing for those with a very basic level of service below.

As the level of service or level of work increases obviously so does the cost..

Basic Limited Company

  1. Preparation of a full set of year end accounts
  2. Completion of abbreviated accounts and submission to Companies House
  3. Submission of Corporation Tax Return (CT600) to HMRC
  4. Submission of Confirmation Statement to Companies House

From £49.50 per month

Basic Partnership

  • Full set of year end accounts
  • Completion and submission of partnership tax return

From £49.50 per month

Sole Trader

From £19.50 per month
Tax return only from £15.00 per month


From £19.50 per month